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This article maps the journey of a landscape garden design project in Eastbourne, which was initially constructed in 2011/12. Our garden design incorporated planting trees and evergreen shrubs to ensure a beautiful garden in the long term.

A journey through the life of this Eastbourne Garden Design

Eastbourne Garden Design

As we spend more time in our gardens over the summer, we can begin to think of slight changes here and there that we would like to make to them. One thing that we need to remember when planning a new garden design is that it takes time for a garden to look beautiful and mature.


Eastbourne Garden Design

The garden in the photos featured here began its journey with us back in November 2011. We began construction during the biting cold of winter in which we saw plenty of snow that caused quite a few hold-ups.

But this didn’t delay us for long and the construction was completed in February 2012, just as winter went and Spring began to roll in. It was now the optimum time for planting.

Picture3    Eastbourne Garden Design


When we began the planting,  the garden was looking quite sparse, which is normal during this process. One thing to bear in mind when planting is that it is important to give the plants room to flourish.

Eastbourne Garden Design     Eastbourne Garden Design

Given a little time and some tender loving care, the plants began to thrive!


Eastbourne Garden Design    Eastbourne Garden Design

We planted around 20 trees in this garden.  Fruit trees, Japanese maples, Himalayan Birch, Weeping pear, to name but a few.

These were supported by a good variety of evergreen shrubs.  Mexican orange blossom, Californian lilac, Lavander, Convulvulus,  and many more.

Eastbourne Garden Design   Eastbourne Garden Design

The beds were punctuated by some blousy perennials. Agapanthus, Delphinium,  Peonies and more.

It’s great to have seen this garden mature over the period of 6 years into the colourful, relaxing space it is now.

If you are thinking of redesigning your garden and would like to discuss some of your ideas, please call Alan Pearce on 07710 363493.






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