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Perfect bed preparation.

Mulch Beds

For plants to thrive, they need good soil conditions to achieve this. Roots need to be able to spread out into the soil to anchor the plants and pick up valuable nutrients and water from the soil. Most of the soil in the Downland and Weald is clay, with variants that are either chalky or […]

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Make your garden flourish with Eastbourne Gardens

Eastbourne Garden Design

A journey through the life of this Eastbourne Garden Design As we spend more time in our gardens over the summer, we can begin to think of slight changes here and there that we would like to make to them. One thing that we need to remember when¬†planning a new garden design is that it […]

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Water feature garden, Eastbourne

Project taking shape

The Garden Design. There was also a need for a lawn as they had a dog. They liked the circle features they had seen on the website. The design was based on two circular features, one paving and one lawn. A raised bed set at 45 degrees to the house and following half of the […]

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Tranquillity Garden 2015

Photo 19

The decking I had laid in 2000, was in good condition but it was time to redesign the garden to make more it as an area to relax and enjoy together. It took a total of 4¬†weeks to transform the garden. My son Connor helped me out with the landscaping. When the garden was complete, […]

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